Random Bag Night – Pasta with Tuna & Olives


Yesterday was definitely inspired by the sea. My husband and I set out to run some errands in the gloriously warm weather. We headed over to the Inman Square area of Cambridge to check out some potential gifts to take to London with us this week (vacation !!) and while we were over there, my husband mentioned that he had been wanting to check out a good seafood vendor he’d heard about. We have been looking for a place to get good fresh seafood for a while. The stuff you get at Shaws and even Whole Foods is kind of meh, so boy were we excited when we entered the New Deal Seafood shop (www.newdealfishmarket.com). The staff is super friendly (seemed like there were a lot of regulars there) and extremely knowledgeable, offering tips on how to prepare their various seafood offerings. In addition, the selection was the best I have seen in the area so far in terms of freshness and variety. After debating the many options we had and convincing ourselves we didn’t have to try EVERYTHING this time, we picked up a whole red snapper and several fresh sardines. I’ll have the results of those recipes in the next post.

After we got home, we were starving so for lunch I made a quick tuna & olive pasta sauce. I don’t make this one too often, but it is tasty every now and again and we happened to have all the items in the pantry so it was easy to throw together. The cat LOVES this dish because he usually gets a little piece of tuna to nosh on while I cook. This makes enough for 2 people:

1 can tuna, preferably packed in olive oil

2/3 can of tomatoes, lightly crushed

Handful black olives, I used oil cured but Kalamata would be great too

2-3 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley

3-4 tablespoons olive oil

3-4 cloves of garlic, smashed

salt & pepper to taste

1/2 pound of linguine

Start your pasta water. In the meantime, for the sauce, place the olive oil including any excess oil from the tuna can and garlic in a pan on medium heat and let the garlic get lightly browned. Once garlic is lightly browned, add tuna and give a quick stir. Add tomato and simmer for a few minutes until the tomatoes are nice and bubbly. Turn heat to low, add olives and parsley and a pinch of salt to taste.


The sauce will be done when the pasta is ready. Cook the linguine until it is al dente, and then add it directly to the pan. I don’t usually add any cheese to this dish but you can feel free to do so.  Also, you could add a little white wine in the beginning just make sure you let the sauce simmer a little longer to let some of the alcohol burn off.