As posted in my Introduction, I am a person with a desire for family-style, easy, satisfying food and some free time that needed to be filled with a hobby. I don’t think of myself as a writer or photographer, or really as an accomplished chef, so set your expectations accordingly! I have a ‘day job’, but I love to eat. I like to share my ideas and I was hoping this would also be a forum to get feedback and learn from all the imaginative and amazing people out there.

Many of my recipes are things that have been directly influenced by how I grew up and also by world travel and a general love of eating out. My mom, who is my main influence,  always made a full dinner every night as we were growing up, and she’s a very accomplished salt of the earth kind of cook. The recipes here are meals that I actually make (or my husband does), and consume, on a normal work day or weekend, so I think you’ll find them fairly accessible. Thanks for reading !


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