Garden Update – #6 – Roses!


This is when all of our hard work starts to pay off. Above is a photo of our climbing rose bush, which is one of the many reasons why we fell in love with this condo. It was nearing the end of it’s blooms last year when we moved in, and I decided to take a chance and prune it back for the fall. It definitely paid off! I was nervous about pruning it, since I haven’t done that ever before (except maybe on some bonsai plants that I have killed off fairly quickly) but it worked very well. The rose bush is full of blooms. We’ve also had to battle aphids and some white mold on the bush this year but so far so good.

And I am happy to report that for the most part, our tomato plants are starting to take off. One of them got mauled by an unknown force (I am guessing it was a squirrel since there was also a lot of dirt moved about in our pots) but otherwise they are finally going from skinny waify things to full on tomato plants. They’re not as big as the 4 we purchased but they’re catching up:



Today the tomato cages are going up before these guys get any bigger.

The herbs in the garden box are doing great, in fact, we’ve been using the basil already and soon we might be able to start using the parsley which makes me very happy. The chard and beets are also taking off:


Lastly, we were finally able to purchase a composting bin from our city (they are always out of them as each time they get some in, they sell out in 24 hours) which is self contained, relatively well sized for our lack of yard space and so far does not emit any noxious fumes or bugginess. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be better for next year, though maybe in a few months we’ll get some usable compost:


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