Random Bag Night – Ravioli with Super Light Tomato Broth


Sometimes I think I should rename this blog “thedrunkentomato” instead of “theripetomato” because if you just do a search for wine you will see that I use it, A LOT, in my cooking. This recipe is no exception. I am fairly proud of myself for the ingredients in this dish. For one, the tomato used is puree of fresh tomatoes from last summer, grown and purchased locally and then skinned & seeded and frozen by me for use throughout the year. Second, the basil is from my garden out front – it is just getting big enough for me to start using it sparingly so I am very very excited. And third, the ravioli are homemade from this recipe, the leftovers of which I froze and they held up perfectly. Lastly, the wine is homemade by my dad and it is super tasty. On the downside, I used store bought (free range) chicken broth, so I am definitely not completely homegrown/local/fresh, but I’m definitely making progress!

So I cooked the ravioli, frozen, in some salted water for about 5 minutes. The following broth takes about 20-25 minutes to simmer down (more if you have time) because using fresh tomatoes it takes a while to get that rawness out of the flavor and develop a more tomato-y taste. You could substitute canned tomato puree here and it works just as well.

1 shallot, sliced thinly (1/2 an onion is fine)

4-5 cloves of garlic, smashed

1.5 cups of tomato puree

2 cups broth (I used chicken)

2-3 tablespoons olive oil

6-7 fresh basil leaves minced, or a generous pinch of dried basil

1/2 cup dry red wine

salt & pepper to taste

Saute the shallots & garlic in the olive oil on  medium high heat until the shallots are soft- maybe 4-5 minutes, stir often. Add the red wine and allow it to simmeron the medium high heat for about 2-3 minutes. Add the tomato, the broth, the basil and a generous pinch of salt. If you are using canned tomato, you will need less salt because the canned ones are already high in sodium. Allow the whole thing to simmer on medium heat for a good 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Ladle it over the ravioli and top with some grated cheese.

You could use this as a light soup by itself, maybe even blending the whole thing with a stick blender so it’s smooth. You could also use orzo or some other kind of small pasta instead of ravioli.


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