Fresh Homemade Baguettes


From the stats that I receive from WordPress I can safely say that many of my readers are bread fans, namely the No Knead recipe I posted here a while back. I agree, that bread is fantastic and very easy to execute. My hubby, the chief dough maker in the house, decided to graduate to something a little bit more complicated: the baguette. Today he made several mini baguettes, including a “stuffed” one filled with provolone cheese, using this recipe from King Arthur Flour. It was significantly more work than the no-knead bread but the results are fantastic and you can make enough bread to freeze for later. It requires advanced planning – the dough needs to rise and re-rise and re-rise … etc… 

The stuffed loaf, pictured above, was delicious, though next time we may try additional stuffing items like prosciutto or something similar. Also, the bread was baked on parchment paper and we allowed it to cool in the oven until it was nice and crispy. 

If you have time to kill over a weekend, this is definitely a great recipe to try.


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