Garden Update #4 – The bitchin new garden box

dsc_04602Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, don’t tell me you aren’t liking my new garden box. It’s awesome. With all the warm weather, and lots of helpful parents around to convince my already sure husband to buy another power tool, the little beauty above was born. Why is this so glorious? well for one, it’s about 2+ feet off the ground which is great for both my back and for the limited space we have to garden in. It’s great for herbs and shallow rooted lettuce-type items, and in fact we used the University of Maryland Salad Box as the inspiration. I had seen it demonstrated on the Martha Stewart show one day when I was home sick from work. We made the box a bit more “urban sized” – so 15″x50″ and used 1×6″ boards as the sides so it could be a bit deeper than the 2x4s the UM folks suggest. I placed some of our basil seedlings, plus I added golden beet seeds, swiss chard seeds and parsley seeds. I’ll keep updating to let you know if this bad boy is all it is cracked up to be. 

In the meantime, some new additions to our garden over the weekend:

dsc_0456Baby mint plants which will hopefull grow into many mint juleps down the road. Our plant from the last place didn’t survive the winter, and my hubby convinced me not to plant the mint in the ground (which we have very little of anyway) because it will take over. I am convinced, however, that it is much harder to keep potted perrennials alive than it is to keep the ones planted in the ground… 

dsc_0457Some sage, yum!

dsc_0458And as an exception to my earlier comment about potted perrennials, the chives we planted last year have re-emerged in glorious form. We also still have the seedlings which got potted this weekend so I am hopeful we’ll be awash in chives all summer. The thyme which was in the same long pot as the chives is also starting to show some promise of growth, so we’ll see!


3 Responses

  1. Where is the new spice rack to hold all the great spices that will come from the garden?

  2. Good point – we’re going to need more magenetic strips in the kitchen …

  3. That *is* a bitchin garden box. I am envious – but don’t tell my fiance’, or we’ll end up with yet another power tool.

    FYI, I tried the Earth Plugs (from Seeds of Change) and they are awful; I can’t keep the things moist no matter what I do, and I’ve had really lousy germination rates. Had much better luck with plain old potting mix spooned into the seed starting cells. I did not use the Burpee self-watering mat this time, so as to not encourage the mold… no mold.. but no moisture either! Such is the dilemma of the indoor gardener I guess!

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