Garden Update #2


After reading about it on Local Kitchen , we decided to transpant our seedlings from the Burpee seed starter flat into intermediate pots to give them more room to grow. The seedlings in the starter flat were becoming a tangled mess and worse, the dirt had all begun to mold over on top. The Burpee kit comes with a watering pad, which keeps the seedlings moist and saves me the trouble of having to water them every day, however the mold is definitely an unpleasant side effect.  The seedlings all seem to be thrilled with the new arrangement. The tomatoes (above), have really taken off in the last few days.


4 Responses

  1. I had the same problem with the Burpee seed starter flat; the self-watering mat is nice, but the mold is a drag. I did not have this problem last year with my improvised egg-carton-and-yogurt-container starting system. I did buy some Earth Plugs from Seeds of Change, and I will use them for my next round of seed starting – I’ll let you know if they work better.

    Happy Growing!

  2. Thanks so much for the info. Really enjoy your site! I’ll be interested to see how the Earth Plugs work for you, i’m not sure i’d do the Burpee starter again with the mold issue, though it was mostly successful at getting the seeds to sprout.

  3. […] mix, instead of the Burpee seed-starting plugs.  I’ll update to see if I have the same mold issue as with the Burpee […]

  4. […] the nursery).  The container mix row has 4 seeds germinated; the Earth Plugs has 1.  There is no mold, like I saw with the Burpee starting kit, but then again, how could there be?  The plugs are as […]

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