Random Bag Night – Update to Shrimp Ceviche


Early on in my blog I mentioned that we had taken a trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon and I returned singing the praises of Mama’s Fish House Ceviche . Last night we decided to make an impromptu appetizer version of this same ceviche using up some of the citrus that we had in the fridge. I saw a post on Slashfood yesterday about sweet and savory citrus which is where I got the inspiration last night do this. The following is what went into the bowl:

Peeled, cooked shrimp – about a dozen

2 small blood oranges, peeled and cut into chunks

5-6 kumquats, sliced

handful fresh cilantro, chopped

1/4 onion, sliced

1/4 cup light coconut milk

2 limes, juiced

pinch of salt

Hot pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and allow it to sit and marinate in a bowl in the refrigerator at least an hour. The longer it sits, the better it tastes.  I served it in a bowl with some slices of lime for that extra kick. This is an excellent appetizer to serve to adventurous friends and family, it’s refreshing and delicious.


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