It’s Restaurant Week in Boston!

Usually for restaurant week (which is technically 2 weeks) we try to sign up for our favorite pricey restaurants as well as trying new ones. Showing some restraint this year, we are only hitting 3 places. The first of which was Marco ( This is probably our most favorite restaurant in the North End neighborhood of Boston. It’s a tiny little spot, as many of the North End places are, tucked into the second floor of a building just 2 doors down from the iconic Modern Pastry.

The restaurant week menu had many of the more popular dishes on it, with at least 5 or six choices for both appetizer and entree. I always appreciate when there is more than 2 choices, especially if you are trying to coordinate dinner with friends who may or may not be picky/allergic/vegetarian, etc.

Dinner for me started out with a delicious clams casino, with the breadcrumb topping perfectly crisp and the clams delicious and delicate. The only downside – the portion was 3 clams. If you have a bigger appetite, the friend calamari with hot peppers and crispy prosciutto is to die for. The cheese fritters, which my hubby had as an appetizer, were much lighter than we all expected, and they were huge (fist-sized) but since they weren’t heavy balls of fried cheese, it wasn’t overwhelming.

All of us went for the pasta entrees. I think one of the things that Marco does beautifully is simple pasta dishes with fresh and delicious ingredients and pastas. Nothing too fancy or complicated but utterly satisfying and delicious every time. (they do many other things well too, but I appreciate the pasta dishes).

I chose the tagliatelle with bolognese, which was a bowl full of airy light tagliatelle doused with a tasty bolognese. It was the perfect portion, meaty without being heavy. My hub had the orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage, a garlicky spicy plate of pasta goodness.

Marco is almost always a stop on our restaurant week list. The place is very tiny, so reservations are always needed.


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