Planning for the Future…


This is the first weekend my husband and I have both been home together in almost 5 weeks and we decided to take full advantage of it and scratch the spring fever itch by starting our summer garden. We started growing tomatoes together 2 years ago, the first summer that we lived together, and we had 4 enormous tomato plants plus basil, mint and cilantro. The garden has escalated ever since. This will be the 3rd growing season for us as a couple and this year we’ve got 3 kinds of tomatoes seeded (Tumbler, Early & Often and Big Mama!) and we’re expanding to try beets, swiss chard, jalapenos, chives and parsley. Plus we will have basil, mint and rosemary going as well. We’re hopeful that this, along with signing up for a farm share of produce, will be fodder for many excellent meals and posts this summer. We’re also going to attempt to compost for the first time with a compost bin our city provides (if you live in Somerville, I believe there is just a nominal fee for it!). Almost all of our growing is done in pots on our porch and along the side of the condo. It’s probably a good thing we live in a condo in a reasonably urban area, otherwise we’d be overwhelmed and overgrown with planting options…..


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