Eating out in the ‘hood

It occurs to me as I stare out the window at the craptastic-ness that is New England winter, that I have been reasonably negligent in my “Dining Out” postings, of which there is only one at the moment… *sigh*… so I thought I would list out a few of the places we’ve been over the last few weeks and offer my 2 cents on why we go to these joints fairly frequently:

1. Gargoyles On The Square (Davis Dquare) – – This place is the shizzle. It is one of my favorite places in Boston because the chef is so damn creative. Two words: Nitro Popcorn. That’s right. That would be flash frozen popcorn, frozen at your table, and served with dessert. Second reason: on the menu right now is a tomato soup served with a FLIGHT OF GRILLED CHEESE. Hells yeah !  Atmostphere in the back is good for date night, but the front bar is way more lively.

2. Blue Fin (Porter Square) – – Yummy, inexpensive sushi joint in the Porter Exchange which makes excellent agedashi tofu (which I *love*) and has really fresh tasty fish. It’s big with the college kids so sometimes there’s a bit fo a wait but otherwise it’s good.

3. Yoshi’s (Powderhouse Square) – – sushi joint close to home. Not as good as Blue Fin on the agedashi tofu but the fish tends to be nice and fresh.

4. The Abbey (Federal Hill) – Baltimore, MD – I was back in the old ‘hood over the weekend and checked out this newish joint for a burger. It’s got great build-your-own options – I opted for a burger with bacon, fried egg and cheese (mmm healthy!) and the burger was taayyyss-tee.

Here’s to supporting the restaurant owners while the economy is less than optimal !

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