Shallots, I love thee, but I shall cry for thee no longer…

So I have mentioned on occasion that my mom has been a huge influence on me in the kitchen. And I mentioned that my hubby is also a great cook. So it seems fitting that his mom and dad are also skilled in the kitchen. And it is from my mother-in-law which I learned a remarkably handy kitchen tip. If you are like me (and 99% of the world except my husband) onions and shallots make you cry a river when you slice them. Since these are extremely common ingredients in my cooking, you can understand how I might not want to get.. all. *sniff*..weepy….*SNIIIIIFFFFF* every time. So how does one go about cutting up onions and shallots without getting all verklempt? Simply light a fire….dsc_0033

Yep, that IS a candle on my cuting board (it needs to be close to work), next to the pile of chopped shallots, chopped without even the slightest twitch in my nostril or burning, teary sensation in my eyes. It works. In fact, it works GREAT.

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  1. Tea lights work great, too! Another hint brought to mind by my future s-i-l…Last weekend was his first time grinding and stuffing homemade sausage (you should have seen him beaming over his contribution to the process!), and hand blending the herbs into very cold ground meat was a painful experience for his tender young hands. Enter a bowl of very warm, not hot, water to bathe away the pain from time to time. Every m-i-l can use brownie points now and again.

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