Mark Bittman’s merengue cookies

Definitely one of the easiest recipes I have tried to make something sweet. I am baking-impaired so this is no small feat for me. Here is the recipe link:  And here is the result (we made the chocolate version):


The merengues are light and delicious and don’t taste like chalk! Only changes to the recipe are that we added dark chocolate chips (yeah!) and because of that I didn’t use a star tip on the pastry bag … which means the nicely cooked BROWN merengues look like tiny perfectly formed piles of POO. Tasty but aesthetically difficult, especially trying to find a non-offensive way to photograph them for this post.

Oh, and we doubled the recipe not thinking about the fact that we couldn’t get it all into the oven at the same time. So we made a “log” with the extra batter which ended up (you guessed it!) looking like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo. At least it was festive poo I guess… 8)


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