Mama’s Fish House, oh how we miss thee…

We are under about 10 inches of snow, which is now being sleeted on and will freeze into a miserable block of grayish brown ice. It is now, and almost every day since we left, that we remember how glorious our Hawaiian honeymoon was this summer. We spent 10 days on Maui, which was amazing, and probably one of the best parts was the abundance of fresh fish on the menus. One place you MUST go (and probably more than once) is Mama’s Fish House ( near the main airport. You should get off the plane and go directly there. Seriously. Gorgeous beachfront locale, open air dining, and a phenomenal menu of food and tasty tropical drinks.

While everything we had there was fantastic, the one dish that had us both licking the plate and coming back for more was the Hawaiian version of ceviche which they served in a coconut. We have tried our best to recreate the dish at home, and here is what we can figure out for ingredients:
1. Fresh fish (we used 1/2 pound cooked but cold shrimp)
2. Lime – At least 1 whole lime, with more set aside for later
3. Onion – Maui onion if you can find it, but any white one willl do, chopped
4. Cucumber diced
5. Tomato diced
6. A bunch of cilantro
7. And the best part – 1/2 can of coconut milk
8. Pinch of salt to taste
9. Optional – chopped fresh chile pepper (HOTTT!)

Combine the fish in a bowl with the above ingredients, set aside some lime and chopped cilantro for serving, and place the bowl in the refrigerator to marinate, at least an hour. The flavors really come together and the coconut milk takes the ceviche to another dimension of delicious. I think if you are going to use raw, sashimi grade fish you will want to set it in the lime juice and maybe salt & chile pepper to marinate a few hours to overnight so it is “cooked” and then add all the other ingredients and let it sit.

We ate it with tortilla chips, but you can use whatever you like. You WILL be drinking the juice out of the bowl. Seriously addictive stuff. I didn’t even think to snap a photo yesterday since we were focused on the prize of inhaling this fragrant tangy tropical concoction.

I am sure there are many variations of this concept, but there is something about Hawaiian beachfront, a tropical drink, your new spouse and an umbrella drink that makes this dish unforgettable.

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