Not your usual Tex Mex

My husband and I try to get out for dinner at least once a week to break things up. Monday night was one such night and we had made plans to eat out with an old college friend of my husband.

One of the things I love about where we live outside Boston is that we have a number of really good, and more importantly, diverse dining out options. One such place is an excellent “authentic” Mexican restauarant called Tu y Yo.

The food is unique in that it is real Mexican food that Mexicans eat, not a cruncheweesy greasy taco hell concoction, but real fresh and uniquely flavored dishes. I tend to judge a restaurant by how they make their “basics” and for Tu y Yo I would call their “basic” the black beans and rice which are served with every dish. I’ve never had such tasty but light and almost creamy black beans like that in my life. YUM ! And, they make some seriously bitchin sangria which smacks of fruit and cinnamon. Definitely a great option for that “i’m feeling like something new and different” kind of night out.


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