Dumplings and Bok Choy

dsc_0120Since I tend to get home earlier than my hubby, the selection of what’s for dinner is generally left up to whatever mood I am in. Today’s mood: Salty. Not that I was feeling particularly salty but just that I have been craving salt lately like it’s going out of style. (NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!). So I got in the car and went to Trader Joe’s, really just to retrieve some chestnuts, which I also CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF and settled on some ground turkey as my canvas. I also picked up some dumpling wrappers (TJ’s did not have them, which is my only complaint about the otherwise perfect store…they always seem to not have 1 thing that is on my list). So my dumpling filling included the following:

1/3 of the ground turkey pack

chopped cilantro

chopped scallions

tiny bit of sesame oil

a few dashes of soy sauce (I used tamari)

mushrooms, diced

grated ginger (I keep it in my freezer and use a microplane)

dash of brandy (ohh yeah!)

I’d put amounts up there but it would only be a guess. Other times I’ve done this I have used bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in the mix too but we didn’t have any on hand tonight. After I threw everything into a bowl and mixed it with my hands, I set it aside (in the fridge) to “marinate”.  This makes enough filling for about 20 dumplings.

The filling (before I remember to put in cilantro)

The filling (before I remember to put in cilantro)

I made dipping sauce while I was waiting with more tamari soy, a dash of water, small drop of sesame oil, cilantro, juice of 1 lime, and a small but powerful dash of chili garlic sauce (hotttt!). And I blanched the bok choy since that would be good with the dipping sauce too.

Once I was ready to cook the dumplings I rigged a steamer, and turned the heat on. I assembled the dumplings in the wrappers and it was go time. The dumplings took about 6~7 minutes to cook through.

Note for next time: tone down the impatience – I piled too many dumplings in the steamer at the same time, so they totally stuck together. While still tasty, they definitely were more like dumpling clusters than what I intended. doh…


One Response

  1. Nice shot of the cilantro.

    Even if they come out a little sticky, these little dumplings are fantastic.

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