An introduction…

To any of you unfortunate enough to come across my blog, here is my humble attempt to explain myself.  I like food. OK,  I LOVE FOOD. I love cooking it, eating it and talking about it, so writing seemed to be the next logical outlet. That, and my husband thought I had too much free time on my hands so perhaps something creative would be good.

On this page I will pay hommage to some of the sites that have inspired me like: and and (ok, so Dooce isn’t a food blog, but Heather is an amazing writer and photographer and damn funny)

I will hopefully share some entertaining if not inane posts about my attempts in the kitchen. And probably one too many comments about our cat, who is fat ‘n happy, and will eat almost anything we make as long as it involves meat and/or carbs.

I should note that I have a day job and I by no means think of myself as a “writer”, so this blog is merely for entertainment value and a way to keep myself from watching too much TV.


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